As a Central Studio's client, we want you to know you'll receive excellent service...

You'll have one contact and you'll be treated with the utmost care & attention.

Your studio session needs to be at a convenient time for you & your family, so you can arrange to have your studio session during the day, evening or weekend.

We'll take time to talk to you and your family and listen to any concerns that you may have, which will help to relax you and make you all feel comfortable before your session begins, so you can be confident all your portraits will reflect the true personality of your entire family.

You'll always be assisted prior to creating your family's portrait session, and you'll be given advice on clothing so your portraits will not out-date in the way fashion does.

You'll be given advice & assistance to help you to choose the size, style & frame you want for your portrait to suit and complement your home decor saving you time & hassle.

You'll have a dressing room & washroom, with full facilities to make sure you feel fully refreshed and relaxed before you start your session and our ground floor studio provides easy access for families with prams, the elderly and wheelchairs.

Your portraits are finished by a team of experienced technicians, printers, re-touchers and framers, so you can be confident your portraits will be of superb quality and long lasting, giving you value for money.